Nintendo Is Asking Game Developers To Design 4K-Ready Games

A new report is going around that claims Nintendo has been asking developers to make 4K-ready games. That would suggest that Nintendo has a new game console on the way. The Nintendo Switch is unable to handle 4K resolution in its current form.

This report surfaced after a rumor in the past that suggested Nintendo was working on a new Switch that had a better display. According to those rumors, the new console was already in production and slated for release in Q1 2021. If the rumors are true, that’s certainly not an ideal launch window.

Launching at the beginning of the year would mean that Nintendo misses the critical holiday shopping season. The console supporting 4K-ready games could be the Switch Pro that has been rumored on and off for a long time. So far, the official Nintendo statement is that it has no plans to launch a new Switch this year.

Considering the rumor suggests a Q1 2021 launch, the new console could certainly be coming as January isn’t this year. Nintendo has also reportedly increased production for the current Switch, which has been difficult to find during the coronavirus pandemic. Sources claim that Nintendo was aiming to produce 30 million current-gen Switch units during its current fiscal year reports IGN.