Nintendo Announces July Game Updates For Switch Online Service

Each month Nintendo adds some new retro video games to its Switch Online subscription streaming service. This month, retro gamers get some very cool titles, including one that was incredibly popular in its day. That incredibly popular game is Donkey Kong Country.

Donkey Kong Country was first published in 1994 and is a side-scrolling platform game that was incredibly popular and has been wanted on the Switch Online service for a while. With Donkey Kong Country finally hitting the service, the doors are now open for its two sequels to come to Switch Online as well.

Two more games are being added this month, and they are both far less popular and more obscure. One is Natsume Championship Wrestling that launched 1994. That game was a US version of a wrestling title from Japan, with its Japanese licensing eliminated. The other is a video game called Immortal.

Immortal launched in 1990 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a fantasy action RPG that was originally published by EA for the Apple IIGS. The trio of new games will land on July 15. Switch owners who aren’t yet subscribers can do so for $19.99 per year.