Nintendo Adjustable Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch Lands in July

Switch gamers have long complained about trying to charge their Switch console and play the device at the same time on the charger. The problem is that with the charge cable coming right out of the bottom of the console it’s nearly impossible to do that. At least if you didn’t want to damage the cord.

Nintendo has announced a solution to this problem in the form of an Adjustable Charging Stand that will set you back $19.99. It has a charge plug that slips into the charge port and the angle of the stand is adjustable.

That means you can tilt the charge stand any direction you want while playing the console. Your normal power cord appears to plug into the side of the charge stand.

Nintendo will release the Adjustable Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch on July 13 at retailers everywhere. This is one of those cheap and basic accessories that Nintendo should have offered from the start. Scroll down the Switch “Buy Now” page and you will see the new accessory right above the Dock Set.