Nintendo 3DS Production Ends In Japan

Years back people expected big things from 3D gaming and television that never really panned out. Gamers didn’t adopt 3D game consoles the way manufacturers expected. Particularly, Nintendo’s 3DS game console wasn’t as popular as the Nintendo DS it replaced.

Nintendo has now announced that it is ending production of the 3DS game console in Japan. The end of production announcement covers the 3DS XL (LL in Japan), 2DS LL, and 2DS. The hardware is no longer listed on the official US Nintendo page either.

The assumption is that the end of production in Japan also means the end of production in all other areas where 3DS content was available. Nintendo’s portable console hasn’t been particularly popular so these may not bother many.

With the Switch on the market and doing very well, most Nintendo fans are getting their portable gaming enjoyment from that console. Are you upset to hear that the 3DS is no more?