Nintendo 2DS XL Minecraft Special Edition Heads to Japan

It seems like Japan is always getting all the cool special editions that you don’t see anywhere else. Nintendo has announced that it will have three special edition 2DS game consoles available for gamers to enjoy, but they are only for Japan. The coolest is the Minecraft special edition.

That 2DS XL Minecraft special has the blocky design of a Creeper and looks really cool. In addition to good looks, the Minecraft edition will come with a full version of the Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition installed. Other special editions are the Dobashi Animal Crossing Amiibo + and Mario Kart 7.

The Animal Crossing special edition has a green body that is textured and has a hollowed-out leaf on the cover. Animal Crossing has proven to be a popular game with lots of fans around the world. The Mario Kart console has a red border and a black center area with texture on it reports Engadget.

Honestly, the Mario Kart console is a bit boring looking. The Minecraft Creeper console will sell for around $153 with the other two consoles for $144.