Ninja Chooses YouTube For Streaming Rather Than Facebook Gaming

Microsoft surprised a lot of people when it abruptly discontinued its Mixer service that was meant to challenge Twitch. Microsoft’s ending of Mixer came only a few months after it lured high-profile streamers away from Twitch, such as Ninja, among others. Many people were wondering where Ninja would end up since Mixer is dead, and he declined to join Facebook Gaming.

It turns out Ninja landed on YouTube, where he has close to 24 million subscribers. Interestingly with all those subscribers, a recent live stream was his first on the YouTube platform. It’s unclear at this time if Ninja has an exclusive deal with YouTube and Google.

As it stands now, neither YouTube nor Google has officially acknowledged if there is an exclusive deal in place. If Ninja doesn’t have an exclusive deal with YouTube, there is a possibility that we could see him streaming elsewhere as well.

Ninja has been the face of streaming in many instances after finding great success at Twitch. He eventually left Twitch, citing toxicity in chat channels there as one reason for his departure. The video linked above is from Ninja’s first livestream on YouTube reports CNET.