PalmOne Confirms New Type Of Mobile Device In Works

PalmOne Confirms New Type Of Mobile Device In Works

Will this new Mobile Manager help PalmOne recover their waning market shares in the PDA marketplace?  I for one would like to see them offer some choices in the operating systems they offer on their devices. Within days of the accidental posting on of its forthcoming LifeDrive Mobile Manager, palmOne Monday issued a press release acknowledging it is …more

AMD Dual-Core Chip faster & better than Pentium EE840

Advanced Micro Devices have succeeded in beating rival Intel once again. Their Dual-Core desktop processor was tested and compared to Intel?s dual-core Pentium Extreme Edition. It was found superior to the latter in many ways, or nearly ?across the board? as the company said. Essentially, dual-core chips are like having two CPUs built in one. …more

Motorola Debuts First Ever Nano Emissive Flat Screen Display Prototype

Building Upon Carbon Nanotube Technology, Motorola Prepares to Revolutionize the Flat Panel Display Industry. Motorola Labs today unveiled a working 5-inch color video display prototype based on proprietary Carbon Nanotube (CNT) technology ? a breakthrough technique that could create large, flat panel displays with superior quality, longer lifetimes and lower costs than current offerings. Optimized …more

U.K.: Open source could halve school IT bills

The Information and Communication Technology agency’s research, carried out by the British Educational Communications and Technology Association (BECTA), concluded that primary schools could cut computer costs by nearly half if they stop buying, operating and supporting products from software companies such as Microsoft, according to the London Times. ZDNet

Qualcomm Throws Support to Linux

At long last, Qualcomm < ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = QUOTE />is supporting Linux on its chip solutions. This marks the first time the company has ever supported a third-party OS. Integrated single-chip Linux support on Qualcomm’s Mobile Station Modem (MSM) 6550, according to the company, improves the efficiency of running Linux on a cell phone, becuase …more

Antipiracy Rule for Broadcasts Is Struck Down

A federal appeals court handed a major setback to Hollywood and the television networks on Friday when it struck down an antipiracy regulation requiring computer and television makers to use new technology that would make it difficult for consumers to copy and distribute digital programs. New York Times Technology News

Asetek VapoChill Lightspeed AC

The legendary OCTools, infamous for their submersive cooling methods and crazy LN2 and Flourinert overclocking. They took a look at the Vapochill Lightspeed AC, a nice, compact phase change system that matches your Lian Li! Take a look. For those who can afford it, the asetek VapoChill LightSpeed is the ultimate choice! It is the …more

UTT Memory IC’s Explained @ Legit Reviews

In recent weeks it seems that every hardware enthusiast has been asking about UTT based memory modules. Everyone that brings up UTT memory modules such as OCZ’s VX Memory thinks these are new and super fast IC’s that just hit the market. These “new” IC’s are based off the old Winbond die revisions, and the …more

Young Tiger Shows Strength But Has Room to Grow

Of all the new features, the new OS-level search tool called Spotlight is getting the most attention. It’s fast and flexible–and its smart searches make keeping track of files much easier, because you can set up and save searches based on criteria such as keyword, file type, and date created. Your saved search becomes a …more

Microsoft shares spare technology

It wants investors in small, young firms to take advantage of 20 technologies which have not yet been let loose on the technology market. Developments which are going to be made available include face detection and tracking software and a natural language-processing technology. Research costs billions, but many good ideas fail to make it into …more

Latest Google service ruffles feathers

Google Web Accelerator, released yesterday, is a free browser plug-in that speeds up web surfing by routing all web page requests through Google servers and by caching web pages in desktops before they have even been requested. The software is designed to make web browsing faster, using an interesting combination of a few old tricks …more

Microsoft expands Windows Genuine Advantage program

Microsoft is expanding the Windows Genuine Advantage program in the United States to help customers who unknowingly purchased counterfeit versions of Windows XP Professional. The company recommends that these customers first seek remedy from whomever sold them the product. If that fails, Microsoft will offer those who qualify a complimentary genuine copy of Windows XP …more

Apple shatters Windows with Tiger

Mac OS X 10.1 actually made Mac OS X usable. 10.2 sort of wiped away all of the lingering bad ideas from 10.1, and 10.3 was the first release to score highly in both the compulsory and the freestyle portions of the competition. But with 10.4 — called Tiger — Apple’s acting like a bunch …more

As cell phones bulk up, how much is too much?

Even when it’s turned off, the cool cell phone of the moment–the slender, silver Moto Razr by Motorola–makes a statement: It knows what it is. The Razr has a collection of nice features, like a sizable screen, a decent camera, good battery life and Bluetooth for cordlessly communicating with a personal computer or a headset. …more