New Nintendo Switch Update Adds Screenshot Transfer Feature

Yesterday Nintendo released a software update for the Switch game console. Several new features and changes come to the game console with the update. One of the biggest is the ability to transfer screenshots and videos from the Switch Album to a smartphone or tablet. Users are now able to wirelessly connect smart devices to the Switch for transferring content from their Album.

Users can transfer up to 10 screenshots and one video capture at the same time. Transferring the content to the smartphone is as easy as getting a QR code displayed on the Switch screen. Nintendo also added a copy to a computer via USB connection inside the system settings menu.

Other new additions include a trending feature added to the User Page showing Switch gamers what software friends are playing or started playing recently. The update also as Switch Online Access to the homepage.

Users can select which download to prioritize when multiple downloads are in progress and new user icons were added. The ability to name preset button mappings has been added to the Change Button Mapping feature, and Brazilian Portuguese is now a supported language.