Netgear Launches Attack Against Lag with Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router and Switch

Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 WiFi Router and SX10 10G/Multi-Gig LAN Switch Designed for Gamers


Today at CES 2018, Netgear launched two new products designed for serious gamers who are looking for every advantage over their competition. The Netgear Nighthawk Programing Wi-Fi Router (XR500) and the Netgear Nighthawk Programing SX10 10G/Multi-Gig LAN (GS810EMX) were shown to us on the floor of the annual Pepcom Digital Experience! media extravaganza in Las Vegas, NV.


No matter what kind of gamer you are, if you are looking to maximize your advantage over your opponent, Netgear has released some groundbreaking equipment that should give you greater control in optimizing your network connection to reduce lag spikes, keeping you “always-on” with reliable wired and wireless connectivity.

Netgear XR500

The Nighthawk Pro Gaming Wi-Fi Router (XR500) is designed to use Netgear’s Gaming Dashboard, Geo Filter, Quality of Service (QoS) and Network Monitoring customizable software to improve your network connection. The Nighthawk Pro Gaming Wi-Fi router includes a best-in-class dual-core 1.7 GHz processor and features MU-MIMO with for high-powered external antennas.


“All online gamers, whether they are casual, avid or professional, have one thing in common — the need for responsive, reliable, low-lag game play. With the introduction of Nighthawk Pro Gaming, NETGEAR is demonstrating our dedication to gamers to deliver products that enhance gaming performance,” says David Henry, senior vice president of Connected Home for NETGEAR.  “We have worked tirelessly with gamers to engineer features that deliver best-in-class performance, customization and ease-of-use for the ultimate gaming experience. There should not be anything on your network that prevents you from having the ultimate game experience. With Nighthawk Pro Gaming, you will now have the power to win.”


The Nighthawk Pro Gaming SX10 is a versatile high-performing 8-port switch that features customizable software designed for a new generation of gamers. The SX10 featuress the Netgear Smart Managed Plus Switch software that helps to increase speeds and expand bandwidth of your existing network with ports that sense and automatically adapt to deliver 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 2.5Gbps, 5Gbps, or 10Gbps.


“Designed to meet the specialized needs of the gamer, the new Nighthawk Pro Gaming SX10 10GbE LAN Switch comes equipped with dedicated features designed to eliminate laggy game play,” said Richard Jonker, senior vice president of SMB for NETGEAR. “With the Nighthawk Pro Gaming SX10 Switch, we made it easy to offload high-bandwidth applications to reduce congestion for your network. The gaming dashboard offers real-time insights into bandwidth utilization by device, so you can ensure optimum performance and know where your bandwidth is being used.”


Both of Netgear’s pro gaming network devices are available now to purchase. The Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming Wi-Fi Router (XR500) has an MSRP of $299.99 US, while the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming SX10 10G/Multi-Gig LAN Switch (GS810EMX) retails for $299.99 US.  For more information, visit Netgear.