NEOGEO mini Coming Soon with 40 Titles

Gamers around back in the arcade days will have memories of playing video games on the NEOGEO arcade cabinet. The games on it were very cool and had some of the best graphics in the arcade. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the launch of that cabinet a mini version is coming soon.

The console will be called the NEOGEO mini and it will have 40 titles inside for people to play. It looks like a tiny video game cabinet, not the NEOGEO home console you might also recall. It has a display that is 3.5-inches so you can play it with no TV needed.

It also has its own joystick and buttons on the flat tray of the little console. It measures 135mm W x 108mm D x 162mm H and weighs 600g. The only accessory it comes with is a power supply cable, no AC adapter is included. It’s not clear if the device has batteries inside or if it must be connected via USB for power.

Connectivity options include an HDMI output, headphone port, and a pair of external control terminals. That means you can play it on your big screen with external controllers if you want. In Japan the console will look like the one from 1990, overseas markets will be black, white, and blue.