NBA 2K19 is Still Packed with Microtransactions, But Better than Last Year

When it comes to sports games one of the most popular out there is the NBA 2K franchises. Last year’s entry was NBA 2K18 and while the game had lots of fans, many of them were mad at all the microtransactions in the game. One specific source of ire for gamers was the charge for a new haircut at the barber.

Before the 2K18 version of the game, changing hairstyles at the barber was free, but that cost virtual currency in 2K18. Making things worse players couldn’t preview the hairstyle on their character to be sure they liked it. Going back to a cut you had paid for previously meant a new charge.

Kotaku reports that NBA 2K19 has changed that and haircuts are now free in the game. That doesn’t mean there still aren’t a litany of microtransactions in the game, but at least 2K has addressed one of the previous game’s biggest complaints.

2K went so far as to offer an apology of sorts in the cutscene the first time the player walks into the barbershop. Microtransactions are one of the worst things about modern video games.