NASA’s InSight Records Massive Marsquake


NASA has confirmed that the InSight Lander has detected the largest quake on Mars so far. The quake was a magnitude 5 and occurred on Mars on May 4. InSight has been on the surface of the Red Planet since December 2018, recording data on seismological activity on the planet.

Scientists on the mission team say that data from the quake could provide the best glimpse yet into the inner workings of Mars. They also say the data will be studied for years to come. Until the magnitude 5 quake that occurred this month, the largest previously recorded was a magnitude 4.2.

That quake was recorded on August 25, 2021. Recording data about quakes on Mars is critical to learning about the planet’s inner workings. As waves generated by a quake move through the planet, scientists are able to learn more about the interior of Mars.

Scientists hope to use the data to learn more about how planets form. Data on the quake was recorded using an instrument called the Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure.