NASA Tells Astronauts To Avoid SpaceX Dragon Toilet


NASA had some bad news for astronauts who will be using the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule in the near future. We talked previously about the toilet problems that happened aboard the Crew Dragon during the Inspiration4 mission. That problem allowed urine to leak from the toilet and end up underneath the floor panels of the capsule.

NASA has now warned astronauts who will be using the Dragon capsule to return to Earth next month to avoid using the toilet while in space. NASA has made the toilet on the Crew Dragon Endeavor off-limits. SpaceX has redesigned the toilet with a fix, but Endeavor is currently attached to the ISS.

“Our intent is to not use the system at all for the return leg home because of what we’ve seen with the fluids we are talking about,” Steve Stitch, NASA’s Commercial Crew program manager. “We have other means to allow the crew to perform the functions they need.”

Unfortunately for the astronauts, the other means are special undergarments for waste management. Essentially, the astronauts will have to relieve themselves in diapers if they can’t wait.