NASA Prepares To Move SLS Rocket And Orion To The Launchpad


Recently we learned that the first crewed Artemis mission would likely take several years longer than planned before it’s ready to launch. However, NASA is still moving forward with testing of the Space Launch System rocket and the Orion spacecraft. NASA has begun inviting media to watch the SLS and Orion leave the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center.

The rocket and the capsule will be transported to Launch Pad 39B aboard the crawler transporter-2 to conduct tests ahead of the Artemis I mission. Exactly when the rocket and capsule will leave the vehicle assembly building is unknown at this time.

The final test the rocket has to go through before it can launch is the wet dress rehearsal. The exact date when that task happens has yet to be announced.

During the wet dress, which is planned for about a week after the spacecraft arrives at the launchpad, it will be loaded with 700,000 gallons of cryogenic propellants. After it’s loaded, the launch sequence will commence ending just before ignition. The spacecraft will then be drained of fuel and return to the vehicle assembly building for its last checkouts before launch.