NASA Is Still Unable to Repair The Hubble Space Telescope


We mentioned a few days ago that the Hubble Space Telescope had a computer glitch that forced it into safe mode. NASA engineers have been working hard since the science instruments stopped working on June 13 to repair the problem and get the orbiting observatory back into operation.

So far, NASA has tried to fix the computer issue three times, but the telescope remains in safe mode. So far, engineers haven’t been able to pinpoint the cause of the problem but point out that the telescope has a backup computer. Hubble has been in orbit since 1990 and has provided some of the best scientific data for astronomers ever gathered.

On June 13, a computer vital to operations for the telescope built in the 1980s stopped working. Indications are that the failure has to do with a computer-memory module that degraded. The telescope has three backup modules, but commands to switch to the new module haven’t worked.

Hubble controllers are currently continuing to run tests and collect additional information to try and isolate the problem. NASA is clear that scientific instruments aboard the space station are in good health, and the telescope is safe.