myCharge Hub Turbo Portable Charger Review with Built-in Cables


A Massive 10050 mAh Portable Charger That Makes Everyone Happy

During CES 2020 we stopped by and talked with the folks over at myCharge to see what was new for them in the portable charger market. myCharge has made a name for themselves by bringing some really impressive all-in-one portable chargers to market. What makes them unique is that they have built-in charging cords and wall prongs on the back to recharge it self. That means absolutely no cords are needed for charging your devices or charger and that is great news for those that are always trying to remember what to bring along.

myCharge Everything Built-in Charger

The myCharge Hub Series features integrated iPhone Lightning and USB-C cables and comes in a variety of sizes as well as ‘Turbo’ models that supports 18W Fast Charging of Apple & Android smartphones. Yes, it is even Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 certified for those that might be wondering if it meets any certifications. The Hub series starts at $49 MSRP for smallest 3350 mAh battery pack, increases up to $69 for 6700 mAh and comes in at $89 for the largest 10050 mAh model. If you wanted the ‘turbo’ model with fast charging capabilities you’ll find that it is only available in 6700 mAh and 10050 mAh models and cost $10 more than the non-turbo models.

myCharge Hub Turbo Models

myCharge was actually handing out out Hub Turbo samples to members of the media at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, but by the time we got a chance to talk with company representatives, the samples were exhausted. They ended up taking our business card and mailing the Hub 10050 Turbo (model HBT10G-A) out to us a number of weeks later.

We were waiting to use the portable battery charger on our many travels, but COVID-19 arrived and near the end of February and we only used it on one extended trip before all of our air travels were canceled. The need for a portable charger at home is no where near as high as when you are out of town for weeks on end, but it is still something that is often used and now by the entire family.

myCharge Hub Turbo Portable Charger

The Hub Turbo retail packaging it top notch, but it is the pre-charged portable charger inside that counts. The dark aluminum body looks great and the diamond cut edge gives it that extra little touch that ensures it looks like a high-end device.

myCharge Hub Turbo Portable Charger Wall Prongs

The prongs on the wall charger flip down and the Hub Turbo sits flush on the wall with little chance of being knocked off. When the prongs are retracted the charger can be easily packed as it it just 4.6″ x 2.8″ x 0.9″ (LxWxH) in size. It also is fairly light for a 10,050 mAh (3.4A) portable charger as it weighs 266g or 9.4 ounces on our scale. The input range is 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz 0.3, so you’ll be able to travel internationally with just a normal adapter if one is needed.

Four battery life indicators are located along the top rounded edge of the charger and you just need to press the battery button to quickly see approximately how much juice is left in the 37.2Wh (10050mAh) battery pack.

myCharge Hub Turbo Portable Charger Built-in Charging Cables

The built-in iPhone Lightning and USB-C cables measure 4-inches in length. This takes a bit to get used to as your phone or tablet will basically be tied to this charger, but it works. Yes, we said tablet as you can charge easily an iPad or Android tablet with the Hub Turbo! You can also use all three outputs to charge devices

If there were a ‘weak’ spot to be had on the charger it would be where the charging cables go back into the housing. The cables rest on a hard rubber section that meets the cables at a 90 degree angle. We can see that being a point of failure if you force the cable back over that spot, so try not to over extend the cables!

myCharge Hub Turbo Portable Charger Built-in USB Charge Port

On the bottom of the Hub Turbo you’ll find a USB Type-A port that allows you to plug in a cable that will allow you to charge pretty much any device out there. The integrated USB-C and Lighting outputs are rated at up to 18W and the bottom USB-A output only delivers 10W (5V DC, 2A). So, charging from the integrated USB-C and Lighting outputs will charge your devices faster.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

At the end of the day the myCharge Hub Turbo works flawlessly as any battery charger should at this price point. We’ve flown with it one time before everything shut down due to the global pandemic and is went right through the TSA security check-point in our travel bag without issue. That is the only work trip that the Hub Turbo went on, but it has been used extensively by the family. If someone forgets to charge their phone before walking out the door or the kids tablet battery is toast and you are going for a long drive, the Hub Turbo is a life saver. The fast charging feature also ensures your compatible devices are charged back up in record time.

When it comes to pricing the myCharge Hub Turbo that we reviewed with its large 10050 mAh battery costs $99.99 shipped. If you don’t need something that large or aren’t wanting to spend that much you can pick up the 6700 mAh batter version for $79.99 shipped. Both are backed by a 1-year warranty and should be fantastic portable chargers. We have about a dozen power banks and this has been the first one that we reach for since we got it in for review!

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