Mushkin, Inc. To Launch Power Supply Line


Mushkin XP Power Supplies Are Coming Soon

During a recent conversation with Mushkin, Inc. it was discovered that Mushkin is just a number of weeks away from launching thier own power supply series. With SLI and CrossFire systems selling at higher than expected volumes there has been a shortage of quality power supply on the market that are able to support the latest graphics cards. Mushkin noticed that power supplies were one of the components that the gamer/enthusiast community needed to have improvements made on and helped design a power supply that will tame even the most power hungry gaming systems found in todays market. Without further delay let’s take a look at the Mushkin Enhanced 650W Power supply that is offically known as the XP-650.

The Mushkin XP-650 650W Power Supply

Right now the only thing we could get Mushkin to talk about was their 650W model known as the model XP-650, which is the power supply pictured above. The XP-650 is labeled as a 650W power supply, but has a peak output of 700W. The power supply has a combined 12V rail of 44A, which is more than enough to support SLI and CrossFire platforms. The XP-650 has four separate 12V rails all of which can be combined to form a single power rail thanks to what Mushkin is calling RailFusion Technology. When RailFusion occurs the green LED light on the back of the power supply will turn on letting you and anyone else look at the back of your case that you are pulling some serious power.

Mushkin XP-650 Power Supply Features:

  • 650W (700W Peak) 44A Max on +12V
  • Quad Rail: Provides four independent +12V rails for balanced power distribution
  • RailFusion: Responds to increased loads by automatically combining the 12V rails. Ample power for multi-GPU systms.
  • Enhanced Power Conditioning: Provides ultra-low ripple (1%) and superior voltage regulation (1%) under all load levels.
  • Advanced Thermal & Acoustic Design: The power supply will automatically vary the PSU fan speed depending on the system load and temperature, allowing for the most stable and quiet computing environment no matter what programs are running.
  • VersaPlug: Allows for an organized case and improves airflow by using only the required cables. Compatible with ATX, ATX12V, EPS, and BTX standards (20/24-pin, 4/8-pin + 12V). Includes two PCIe cabled for multi-GPU systems

The Mushkin XP-650 650W Power Supply

After looking at the features these on these power supplies we are looking forward to seeing them reach the market. Mushkin has already applied to have the XP-650 ATI Certified and SLI approved. Once they get the stamp of approval the Mushkin PSU’s should start shipping to retailers around the globe. If you think the features on the XP-650 sounds good you will be shocked to learn that the XP-650 will be on the lower half of the power supply line that Mushkin is coming out with! From what our sources told us we can expect 550W, 650W, 800W, and 1KW power supplies coming out all at the same time. All of the Mushkin XP power supplies also feature VersaPlug (think “modular” without having to get sued for calling it that), which allows for better cable management. While the Mushkin power supplies don’t look any different from some of the others on the market it does differ on the inside. The Mushkin XP-650 was built to provide power and ease of use. If you drink Shirley Temples this power supply is not going to be for you. If you have your case door off and yell “boom headshot” at 2am so loud that all your neighbors can hear you, this power supply was designed for you.

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