MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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MSI Vigor GK50 Testing and Conclusion

I have been using mechanical keyboards for well over 30 years, starting way back with the infamous IBM “Click-Clack” mechanical keyboard.  I know how much progress has been made to making mechanical keyboards ready for normal users.  When I started typing on the MSI Vigor GK50, I was surprised at how comfortable it is to type on.  Key presses don’t require a lot of pressure, which makes speed typing easier as you barely have to hit the key for it to register.  Compared to other mechanical keyboards I have used, I think this one is my favorite for doing a lot of typing.

As for the low profile aspect, I typed this review using the Vigor GK50 laying flat on a desk, and not once did I have any discomfort from typing on it for long periods of time.  Whether this is due to the slight curvature of the keys, the low profile design I’m not entirely sure.  Aside from general typing response, the Vigor GK50 is a gaming keyboard. The Kailh Low Profile Switches have a  short 3.0mm travel distance compared to the normal 4.0mm.  If the noise from a mechanical keyboard is a concern, the Kailh switches are fairly quiet, however there is still the common audible click.

If you are a fan of RGB lighting, the Vigor GK50 will certainly impress you.  The colors are bright and vibrant, and can be easily controlled from the keyboard, or use the Dragon Center for more customization options.  Each key has it’s own RGB LED, which can be individually set in the Dragon Center if you’d like, you can do any design you wish.  The various colors, look great against the brushed aluminum faceplate.

As much as I like typing on the MSI Vigor GK50, there are two things I’d like to see changed.  First, structurally, I’d like to see a USB pass-through, while not critical, it does make it more convenient for mice, bluetooth adapters or other USB devices.  Secondly, the macro functionality would be greatly enhanced if you had to use the MSI Dragon key with your selected macro key to trigger the macro.

The MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile Gaming Keyboard has a MSRP of $99.99, however you can easily find it cheaper.  Amazon currently has it for $84.99, this makes it one of lower cost RGB Gaming Keyboards.

Legit Bottom Line:  The MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile Mechanical keyboard is one of the most comfortable keyboards I have used, the Kailh switches are highly responsive which will be helpful during those intense gaming sessions.

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