During the past few months we have taken a look at the MSI Ti4600-VT2D8X and the MSI Ti4200-TD8X64 video cards, where we found that the bundle was superior and the product performed better than the advertised ratings on the box. Today we will show you the 3rd and final MSI video card from the popular NV28 series, the MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X. Just in case you have forgotten or are new to the video card market, the NV28 series is an updated NV25 core that is 8x AGP ready. Below is a naming chart and the speeds that go along with both the NV25 and NV28 series.

4x AGP Name

8x AGP Name Core/MEM
Ti-4200 Ti-4680 250/500


Ti-4800SE 275/550


Ti-4800 300/650

Saying the name of this product, the Ti4800SE-VTD8X, is a mouthful, but when you look specifically at how MSI named their series of Geforce 4’s you notice that the way they name their cards is thoughtful and accurate. You know exactly what you are getting with this card by looking at the name, whereas other companies fail to address what their cards capabilities are. To better understand where I am coming from I deciphered the name on the chart below. The name all makes sense after you read the chart.


V Video-In




DVI Support


8x AGP

The entire MSI series of NV28 video cards come with Top-Tech cooling technology, which allows them to cool better than the original heat sink design. The MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X has been rumored to pack high performance for the mainstream market, and for this review, we are going find out if this is true!

To find out more about MSI’s many products or history please visit the MSI Site.

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