MSI releases BIOS update for 1070 Gaming Series Cards w/Micron VRAM issue


MSI 1070 Gaming X

Those of you with an MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Series Card with Micron VRAM are in luck, as MSI quietly released a BIOS update for their cards last night that addresses the low-voltage issue that was afflicting cards that had Micron VRAM. The issue would lead to odd issues like artifacts and instability when pushing memory frequency, an issue that wasn’t present with cards that featured Samsung VRAM. If you aren’t sure which VRAM your card is using, head over to TechPowerUp and download GPU-Z, which will give you full information on your GPU.

If you own an MSI 1070 Gaming X, you can download the latest BIOS directly from MSI.

BIOS’ for other MSI cards are available on individual product pages. With the 1070 Gaming X being the most popular of the GTX 1070 cards from MSI, we figured our readers would likely be most interested in that BIOS. For the other MSI GTX 1070 BIOS’, visit the MSI 1070 product listing and pick your card. All of the MSI 1070 cards should have the new BIOS available as of this post. Please let us know how the new BIOS affects your cards overclocks and stability, if at all.