MSI Barricade Mid Tower PC Case Review

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Barricade Computer Installation

MSI Barricade Motherboard Installation

Time for me to go ahead and start installing my computer components into the Barricade chassis and see if it is big enough to handle a moderately sized computer system.

So far the Barricade chassis is more than capable of handling moderately sized computer components. I have not run into any major fitting problems with the motherboard or the PSU.

MSI Barricade 3.5

The HDD carriers also use a tool-less design to them. Installation was pretty straight forward, just slightly bend one side of the carrier away from the HDD and slide in the HDD into the carrier and let go of the HDD carrier.

MSI Barricade Installed 3.5

It almost looks like the HDD carriers are too small for the 3.5” HDD’s.

MSI Barricade 2.5

Installation of the smaller 2.5″ HDD/SSD’s in to the Barricade chassis is pretty straight forward as well. Just need to align the center holes to the HDD/SSD and find the proper screws and secure it to the carrier.

MSI Barricade HDD Carriers Clearance

As I said on the previous page, we have the option of mounting 80/90mm fans to the carriers to help keep our drives cool. But if you wish to use a fan on these drive carriers, you will lose a lower drive carrier in the process due to the fan thickness.

MSI Barricade Backside of Motherboard Tray

Looking at the backside of the motherboard tray with all of the computer components installed into the Barricade chassis.

This is where things got interesting for me when I was trying to install the right side panel onto this chassis. As I feared, the right side panel did not have a large enough of an outward form in it to allow me to close that side panel without me having to put a lot of pressure on the right side panel to close it. MSI should have put an extra 3/8″- 1/2″ more room back here to make hiding the PSU power cables easier while installing the right side panel.

MSI Barricade CPU Cutout Install

The CPU cut out is large enough to handle various types of and designs of motherboards.

MSI Barricade Bottom optional 120mm Fan

If you are going to be using a non-modular PSU, you will not be able to install the bottom 120mm fan here.

MSI Barricade Final Install

Even after fighting the right side panel to go back on with all of the PSU wires, I still managed a pretty clean look to the interior of the Barricade chassis. If I would have used one of my non modular PSU’s, I would have been in trouble.

MSI Barricade Final Install

What the MSI Barricade mid tower chassis looks like running at night.

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