Most Played PC Games For March 2015


Raptr recently released the chart for the top 20 most played PC games using March’s gameplay data. For a year now, League of Legends sits atop the standings, nearly doubling the gameplay time of its nearest competitor, World of Warcraft. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive moved up one spot into third place after dethroning DOTA 2. Raptr noted that overall gameplay was down 4.86% in March 2015 compared to February 2015, but did not elaborate as to why fewer games were played. DOTA 2 saw nearly a 25% decline in just a one month period.

The biggest mover on the chart was the addition of PAYDAY 2 as it shot up 23 spots to 19th place in March. PAYDAY 2 had a free play weekend at the start of a Spring Break gaming event. The game was also heavily discounted (75%) early in March which helped add to its significant playtime bump.

We were shocked to find that Spider Solitaire made it onto the charts this time around. Are the game titles out there right now really that sucky?