Morgan Is Working On A New 3 Wheeler


Morgan has been making cars for decades, and one of its most iconic models is the Morgan 3 Wheeler. The automaker has confirmed today that it is at work on a next-generation 3 Wheeler that will replace the outgoing version of the car. The vehicle seen in the image below is a heavily camouflaged engineering version of the new Morgan 3 Wheeler.

Morgan says that the car will have a new design language and will be redesigned compared to the outgoing model. However, it will maintain its iconic three-wheel design and will continue to use Ford power.

Final specifications for the vehicle are unannounced, but the engine will be a naturally aspirated Ford 3-cylinder at launch. Odds are there will be additional power options available down the road, possibly including an EV version. But, again, that is unconfirmed.

Pricing and full details on the car will be revealed closer to launch. However, there is no indication at this time when the vehicle might hit the market.