Monster Hunter: World Had a Matchmaking Issue Over the Weekend

If you play on an Xbox One and you had some problems yesterday playing Monster Hunter: World, you aren’t alone. Xbox One gamers were unable to find a match yesterday as the matchmaking system was busted. The problem with the matchmaking system being busted is that the game is meant to be played online.

When you launch the game it automatically makes you search for an online session or create your own session. Creating your own session is part of taking down certain monsters. Reports indicate that Xbox One players were seeing an error yesterday that said, “No Sessions found.”

The issue was widespread with lots of threads popping up on twitter, Xbox forums, and reddit. These matchmaking issues reportedly cropped up after the game launched on Friday. A patch to the online features was pushed out and then the issue was acknowledged on Saturday. Capcom wrote in a tweet:

“Hello Hunters, we’re aware of the Xbox matchmaking issues and dev team is actively investigating it, we’ll update you as soon as we can.” There are workarounds like direct invites to friends. PS4 gamers weren’t having the issue reports Kotaku.