Monster Hunter World is Capcom’s Best Seller Ever

Capcom has made some cool games over the years, and fans might agree that the coolest is the recent Monster Hunter World game. It was revealed as part of the Capcom financial results recently that the game was the best selling title it has ever launched. Monster Hunter World shipped over 12 million units.

That counts shipments for the PS4, Xbox, and PC. “Monster Hunter World … continued to report strong sales,” Capcom said, “with total shipments breaking 12 million units, marking a record high for any single title in the company’s history.”

Monster Hunter: World

Capcom also noted that the game Resident Evil 2 had shipped over 4 million units. Devil May Cry 5 shipped over 2 million units. Offering figures for shipped titles is a bit misleading by any game publisher.

Shipped means copies sent to retail outlets, not copies sold to consumers. Capcom did well with pre-tax profits of 18 billion yen, which is about $164 million. That represents growth of 13% compared to last year reports Gamespot.