Monster Hunter: World Day One Patch is 815MB

If you are looking forward to the new game Monster Hunter: World, you may be frustrated to hear that the game will have a patch you have to apply before you can play it for the first time. The day one patch will ring in at 815MB, so it’s not the largest day one patch ever required to play a game.

The upside is that the patch will add some features along with patching bugs. Features include an unlock for systems needed for online functions like event quests, chat, and multiplayer. The Room Service at the payers House will brave an option to receive additional content.

A Gallery mode will be added in the main menu that will allow players to rewatch event scenes they have already seen. The appearance of the player’s character will change to reflect the data when the event scene was originally viewed. The mascot character Poogie is now in the trading area.

Players can pet the creature after making progress in the story to raise friendship levels. If you take Poogie to other places “good things may happen” say the game devs. Support for subtitles in new languages is also added. The game is set to launch January 26.