Modern Warfare Season 2 to Get Rust Map

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 will bring with it new content for players to enjoy. Among that new content is five new maps at launch and one that will come later in the season. The five maps that will launch at the start of the season include the fan-favorite map Rust.

Rust is a small desert map that has multiple levels for players to chase each other around in. The next map is Atlas Superstore that is a new map for the Modern Warfare franchise. A pair of new Gunfight maps will arrive, including a Ground War map called Zhokov Boneyard.

A new Operator will land with the season as well called Ghost along with new weapons and include the GRAU 5.56 and Striker 45. Later in the season, two more operators will be added to the game, including Talon and Mace, along with the new weapon that is unannounced at this time.

The map that’s coming later in the season is called Khandor Hideout, but there is no release date for that content yet. Season 2 will also include multiplayer modes like Gunfight Tournament, Infected, and Infected Ground War. Those multiplayer modes will rotate in and out throughout the season. The new season launches today.