Misango is the Latest Fighter for ARMS in V4.0 Update

Nintendo Switch gamers who have been enjoying the fighting game ARMS will want to grab the version 4.0 update of the game. This new update brings with it a new fighter called Misango. The character has an Aztec theme going on.

Nintendo says that the fighter is devoted to his homeland and his fellow Misangans. The character has a special ability that involves charging up his mysterious floating entity. When that floating ghost-like sidekick is charged it, it grants Misango special effects.

The effects granted depend on what color the entity summoned is and effects includes things like protection from flinching and increased speed. A trio of new weapons is also included in the update. Scorpio can move along the ground before attacking when fired on the ground and slither through the air when launched in the air reports Heavy.com.

Glusher is a weapon that is said to be a version of Helix’s Blorb weapon that bounces on the ground and has a wide attack range. Skully is very fast but doesn’t do a lot of damage. The three new weapons are equipped on Misango by default. A new fighting environment arena with four columns on the grounds of a temple in Misango’s homeland is included.