Mid-Range Apple iPhone To Return In 2020

Apple has given the mid-range market to other players in the last year or so as it decided to go decidedly high-end with pricing on all its iPhone models. The iPhone SE was previously a good alternative for many people, but that device was discontinued. A rumor is going around that a new mid-range iPhone will launch in 2020.

The device may not be called the iPhone SE, but it is expected to target the mid-range market to try and get sales from Android device makers who have plenty of budget offerings. It’s not clear at this time what sort of price range Apple will be targeting.

To be a solid mid-range device, it needs to be under $500 in many minds. iPhone sales and smartphone sales, in general, have been on the slump. Data shows that market share is on the decline for the iPhone, and sales have slipped the last two quarters.

Much of the decline is a slowing overall smartphone market, but Apple’s high-end pricing is to blame as well. It’s devices have trecked well into the $1,000 range. Nikkei says that a cheaper iPhone could boost sales for Apple next Spring.