Microsoft Won’t Push New Edge Browser To Everyone

Reports have swirled for a while that Microsoft would be pushing its revamped Chromium-based Edge browser out the vast majority of Windows 10 users. Microsoft will push the update that replaces the old Edge browser to all Windows 10 users on Windows 10 RS4 and Newer.

Windows 10 RS4 is the April 2018 update. The issue for many is that there may be compatibility issues, and Microsoft has released a Blocker Toolkit for enterprises to control the rollout of the new browser.

Microsoft’s Sean Lyndersay has taken to twitter to tell enterprise admins that they don’t have to worry about changes being made to their PCs across the board in the coming weeks. What this means is that no enterprise versions of Windows will be automatically updated.

The Blocker Toolkit is only needed if you run Home and Pro versions of Windows on the enterprise network, and they aren’t joined to a Domain reports MSPoweruser. That should make admins feel a little better about things.