Microsoft to Deploy Notifications Urging Windows 7 Users to Upgrade

Support for Windows 7 is ending on January 14, 2020. Before that date, Microsoft wants the massive number of people out there running the nearly decade-old OS to upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft says that it is set to start “courtesy reminders” for people still on Windows 7.

This essentially means you should prepare to be harassed into upgrading your old OS to Windows 10. Microsoft wrote, “Beginning next month; if you are a Windows 7 customer, you can expect to see a notification appear on your Windows 7 PC. This is a courtesy reminder that you can expect to see a handful of times in 2019.”

The reminders are starting about nine months ahead of the end of support for Windows 7 to give users time to prepare and plan for the transition. The upside is that if you pay attention when you see the notification, there is an option that says “do not notify me again.”

Microsoft hasn’t offered an indication of how many people are still on Windows 7 directly. However, PC Gamer reports that usage rate for Windows 7 is at nearly 34% of all Windows users compared to the almost 55% of users on Windows 10.