Microsoft Teams Crashes as Europeans Try to Work Remotely

European users trying to work remotely due to the coronavirus outbreak using Microsoft Teams are having significant issues today. Many companies all around the world are encouraging users to work from home. Microsoft Teams has expanded some of its free offerings during the coronavirus outbreak.

As the new and massive remote workforce tried to log on to Teams this morning, many were met with issues with messaging-related functionality problems within Teams. Word of issues for surface via Twitter and while Microsoft admitted to messaging-related issues, reports indicate that many users are having trouble with other aspects of Teams as well reports VentureBeat.

Other issues that are being reported include problems creating new teams, modifying members, recording meetings, screen-sharing, and more. These issues couldn’t have come at a worse time. As for what exactly is causing the problems, Microsoft is mum on that. The assumption is the significantly increased number of users attempting to work from home along with students being displaced from schools and pushed into distance learning is overwhelming the service.

There has been some speculation that the push of people moving to remote work during the coronavirus outbreak could lead to many companies keeping remote workforces after the crisis passes. Some also believe that with many ISPs removing data caps due to the coronavirus outbreak could mean the end of data caps altogether.