Microsoft Launches Translucent Xbox Controller in White

You may not need a new Xbox controller for your console, but you probably will want one with the unveiling of the white version of the Xbox translucent controller. The first translucent controller launched as the Phantom Black Special Edition last year. The new one is the same style but in white.

The top half of the controller is translucent so you can see the hardware inside. The bottom half is painted white. Other than the hue, its the same controller as the black one from last year.

Microsoft describes the controller, “The design is the optimal blend of luxury and Sci-Fi, embodying a new slant on technical beauty. This controller reflects a sense of mystery with rich, neutral colors that fade away to reveal the technology inside. From top to bottom, this controller transitions from a high-tech translucent white with gold mechanical components underneath to an opaque matte white. The buttons, triggers, thumbsticks, and bumpers are a sleek, glossy white with light grey accents. On the back, textured grips will help you stay on-target.”

If you want to buy your own, it launches globally on April 2 for $69.99. Pre-orders are underway now reports Thurrott.