Microsoft Lands License to Sell Software to Huawei

Huawei has been in a lot of trouble since the US government banned the sale of technology to the device marker. Microsoft was recently granted a license to export mass-market software to Huawei. There was no clarification on what exactly mass-market meant.

The assumption is that both Windows and Office are among the software. Both are about as mass-market as software gets today. The Commerce Department had hinted in the past that some firms would be granted licenses to sell software to Huawei, but some wouldn’t.

While Microsoft has received a license, Google hasn’t. The smartphone business is more significant for Huawei and Android minus Chrome, Gmail, and other Google apps isn’t a very good experience.

The primary concern with allowing Huawei access to software for the US government is a fear that Huawei could aid China is spying on American mobile networks reports Engadget.