Microsoft is Allegedly Showing Off Dual-Screen Surface to Employees

A report is going around that claims that Microsoft is currently showing off a new dual-screen surface device to sources inside the company. Microsoft has teased with a dual-screen device in the past; it was called the Courier and is pictured here.

The Verge reports that sources familiar with what’s going on at Microsoft say that workers in the company formed long lines to take a closer look at the dual-screen device. The device it is showing off is believed to be the Centaurus device, said to be more similar to the Courier device than the Andromeda device it worked on before.

Reports indicate that work on the smaller Andromeda device was halted to focus on building the larger Centaurus device. Microsoft traditionally keeps things under tight wraps within the company and its rare to see it show off unannounced hardware internally to a broad swath of employees.

Microsoft is reportedly trying to move away from being so secretive. By showing the device off to workers inside the company, Microsoft is thought to be close to launching the final product with predictions being the next six months. The machine will be among the first to run Windows Lite.