Microsoft Confirms Xbox Series X Launch Date

This week Microsoft officially confirmed when the Xbox Series X will launch, allowing gamers to get their hands on the next-generation console. The console will launch in November, and while that’s not a specific launch date, at least we know how long we have to save up our money.

Exact pricing is still a mystery, but rumors have suggested somewhere around $500. While Microsoft didn’t specify a launch date, there are rumors that claim retailers have been told not to sell the new controller that goes with the console until November 6. That would suggest November 6 as the official launch date.

While a launch month is good news, some bad news has surfaced as well. The highly anticipated Halo Infinite game won’t launch alongside the console. Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021, and initially targeted a holiday 2020 launch. The delay comes after a gameplay demo surfaced, and fans around the world complained about the graphics.

Microsoft did take time to brag that when the Xbox Series X launches, over 100 games optimized for the console will be available. It also promises games available that are optimized for the Series X on Xbox Game Pass. It almost sounds as if Microsoft is preparing gamers for no games designed specifically for the Xbox Series X at launch.