Microsoft And GameStop Sign A Multi-Year Partnership Deal

GameStop and Microsoft have signed a multi-year partnership that won’t have a massive impact on customers. The deal reportedly primarily impacts the video game retailer’s back-end services by moving them over to Microsoft 365 cloud solutions. This deal will see GameStop adopting Microsoft programs to help run its business operations, including sales and inventory.

Employees will also use Microsoft 365 and Teams for communications. The deal will also see store managers receive Surface devices to conduct their operations. GameStop will begin carrying the Xbox All Access payment plan allowing customers to get the Xbox Series X four $34.99 a month for 24 months.

GameStop isn’t the only retailer who will offer this deal. Best Buy, Target, and Walmart will as well. There had been some speculation with the announcement that the 5000 retail locations GameStop operates might become Microsoft Stores, but that is not the case.

Microsoft closed all of its Microsoft Stores earlier this year. It doesn’t appear to have any desire to get back into brick-and-mortar retail sales and instead wants to use its systems with other retailers online and in retail locations.