Microsoft Adds Emoji and Office Keys to its Keyboards

Microsoft has updated its keyboards and added a couple of new keys to them. One of the keys opens the emoji picker inside of Windows 10. From there, you can choose the emoji you want to use.

The key can’t be tied to a specific emoji. Microsoft has also added another key to the new keyboards with the addition of an Office key. The Office key is placed where the right-hand Windows key would typically sit.

When that key is pressed, it launches the Office for Windows 10 app that acts as a hub for the Office suite. The individual apps can be launched directly with the Office key plus a letter key.

Office key + W opens Word, and the Office key + X opens Excel reports The Verge. The keyboard is aimed at business users and students. The Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard costs $59.99, and the Bluetooth Keyboard is $49.99.