Mass Effect Texture Pack Makes Old Games Look Better

I’ve been a big fan of the Mass Effect franchise since the first game hit the market years ago. If you are the sort of gamer who likes to go back and play old games every now and again the textures in the Mass Effect franchise’ early games look not so great on modern monitors and hardware. Thankfully a modder called CreeperLava has an overhauled mod out that will make the game look better.

The mod is called “A Lot Of Textures” pack of the full Mass Effect trilogy. It combines a bunch of community made texture packs into one package with an installer to make it all easy. This texture packs is available on the NexusMods page.

The installation is said to be very easy, but the modder does suggest that players turn off the auto-update feature for the game in Origin reports PCGamesN. Updates will often overwrite mods and texture packs without asking the player if that is ok.

The main texture pack works on its own, but it is designed to work with the “MEUITM” texture pack for Mass Effect 1. If you have never played any of the Mass Effect games, don’t let the bad press with some of the latter titles keep you away. This is an awesome franchise.