Luxa2 H1-Touch Mobile Holder Review

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Using The H1-Touch

Luxa2 H1-Touch Apple iPhone 3GS Stand Side View

One of the coolest things about the H1-Touch is it’s ability to
rotate either clockwise or counter clockwise and then front or back.
The H1-Touch is also extremely light weight weighing in at right under
0.5 lbs and only 5.98 inches in height. There are six movable clamps
that can be adjusted to keep your iPhone 3GS device securely in place.

Luxa2 H1-Touch Apple iPhone 3GS Stand Vertical Side View

The H1-Touch is going to be fantastic for in home or office use.
The design is one that would work great in either location. The
functionality of this device is such that one minute you might be using
it for viewing your email or next might be listening to your music. And
with the hands off approach its easy to share content with any one who
might be around.

Luxa2 H1-Touch Apple iPhone 3GS Stand Horizontal View

The ability to watch movies and videos on the Apple iPhone 3GS this
stand comes in handy by keeping the phone at a nice viewing angle. Also,
it is nice to note that on the six movable clamps and the bottom of the
stand are nice no-slip grips. This means that your iPhone 3GS or other Smart
Phone device will not move out of the clamps nor will the clamps mess
with the paint job or finish. You will you will not have to worry about your stand
moving around on you or scratching up your desk or table as it has rubber pads on the base as well. The H1-Touch can be found online for $38.99 plus shipping.

One of the unique features of the LUXA2 company is there commitment to the environment. That aspect
is transferred in all parts of the design process from the amount of
packaging to the type of chemicals used in making the product to making
sure the stand itself is made with recyclable materials. Its nice to
see a company going for the “greener” solution.

Legit Bottom Line: All in all LUXA2 has made a very high end quality product that has great functionality and is very aesthetically pleasing.

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