LR & Corsair Break The 1GHz DDR2 Memory Barrier


1GHz Memory

Today Legit Reviews is proud to show what we believe is the first 1,000MHz DDR2 memory run on full sized 240-pin modules in dual channel. We were able to run our dual core test system at 250MHz FSB and use a memory divider of 1:2 to just barely break the 1GHz mark. Can you say that you have a gig of a gig in your system? We can!

The Test Bed – Intel 840, Intel D955XBK motherboard, Corsair XMS2 5400-UL

Using Corsair XMS2 PC-5400UL memory that was just publicaly launched today we were able to hit the highest DDR2 frequency that we have ever seen. Using the maximum 2.08Volts that the Intel reference board offered, we overclocked the FSB up to 250MHz and set the memory to the 800MHz divider in the BIOS. The 800MHz memory option allows the end user to have a 1:2 divider for the memory. This is great considering this is on an Intel Reference board.

An Amazing 1000.6MHz Memory Clock Frequency

As you can see we had to use loose timings to break the 1GHz memory mark, but the system was 100% stable at these clock speeds. We were able to run Everest, Sandra, PCMark04, and a number of other benchmarks at (250 x 15 = 3.75GHz Dual Core)

Update (4-7-2005):

After letting the modules run for a couple days at 1GHz it seems that they “burnt in” and we have now been able to reach 1049MHz on the desktop. Here is a CPU-Z shot of it.

An Even More Amazing 1049MHz

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