Lotus LEVA EV Sports Car Platform Revealed


Lotus has revealed its new sports car platform that will support future EVs. The platform is called LEVA and supports different layouts. The reveal marks the world premiere of the lightweight EV structure.

Lotus has always been about lightweight and handing over power, and it says the LEVA platform rear structure is 37% lighter than the rear structure of the Emira V6. LEVA stands for Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture.

The adaptable platform can be used for vehicles of varying wheelbases, battery capacity, and configuration. For example, one two-seat layout has a minimum wheelbase of 2470mm with an 8-module battery and 66.4kWh of power. It would have a single 350kW electric motor.

The last of the two-seat platforms would be longer than 2650mm, feature a 12 module battery and 99.6kWh of battery power. Lotus would fit this version with dual electric motors making 650kW.

The final layout is a 2+2 for those who need a rear seat. It would be longer than 2650mm, use an 8-module battery with 66.4 kWh of power and either of the previously mentioned electric motor options.