London Spitfire Claims Stage 1 Championship in Overwatch League

A winner has been handed the crown for the stage one of Overwatch League. That winner is the team from England called London Spitfire. Spitfire had to beat New York Excelsior to make it into the playoffs. Spitfire lost its first match 3-2 but was able to push into the playoffs having clinched the top spot.

The team they faced in the finals was the Houston Outlaws and Spitfire won the match 3-1. Later in the day the teams faced off again on map Horizon Lunar Colony.

The teams battled it out on Numbani with Spitfire holding their checkpoint. The final map was Dorado and Spitfire held off Excelsior to win Stage One Championship.

That championship won the team $100,000 of a $125,000 prize pool. The next stage in Overwatch League will kickoff on February 21 with the teams all taking time off to find new players reports Hardcore Gamer.