Logitech Launches ERGO K860 Keyboard

Anyone who types a lot knows that repetitive tasks like clicking keys on the keyboard all day can give you carpal tunnel and pain in the wrists. There are several ergonomic keyboards on the market today that aim to help alleviate pain associated with injury and to prevent that type of repetitive stress injury. Logitech has a new keyboard called the Logitech Ergo K860 that promises a natural typing experience and uncompromised productivity.

The keyboard has a curved wrist rest with pillowed cushioned areas for your forearms just above the keyboard, offering 54 percent more support and reduced wrist bending by 25 percent. K860 features an adjustable palm lift to keep the wrists in a natural posture, whether you are standing or seated. The ERGO K860 is certified by United States Ergonomics and has been tested and rated for a 10 million keystroke lifespan.

The keyboard uses Logitech’s Perfect Stroke keys that make it easy to orient fingers and keep hands in a natural position. The keyboard can connect up to three devices via Bluetooth Low Energy or via an included USB dongle. Logitech designed the keyboard work with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Heavy spreadsheet users will be glad that it has an integrated number pad.

Shortcut customizations are supported via the Logitech Options software, and power for the keyboard comes from a pair of AAA batteries. Logitech says that that pair of batteries will last for up to two years. The Logitech ERGO K860 is available to purchase now for $129.99.