LIAN LI RGB STRIMER Plus PSU Lighting Extension Review

Last year Lian Li introduced customizable RGB lighting for internal PC cabling with the introduction of the RGB Strimer series of 24-pin ATX and dual 8-pin PCIe PSU extension cables. Lian Li quickly saw some areas where they could improve and introduced the RGB Strimer Plus in 2020. The Strimer Plus has improved build quality, bolder lighting and new patterns to ensure your PC build is more eye-catching than ever.

Lian Li Strimer Plus

The only catch is that you are going to have to spend a chunk of cash to get your hands on these. The beautiful 24-pin ATX RGB PSU extension cable runs $59.99 shipped and the 8-pin PCIe RGB PSU extension cable for graphics cards runs $45.99 shipped.  So, you are looking at roughly $106 for this pair of extensions to take your cases RGB lighting to the next level of awesome.

Lian Li Strimer Plus RGB Power Supply Extension Cables

The Lian Li Strimer Plus 24-pin ATX power extension cable has 120 lights and you get to choose from 7 colors, 18 lighting modes, 5 speeds and 5 brightness levels. It measures 200mm in length and comes with an RGB controller to make the magic happen.

Lian Li Strimer Plus RGB PSU Extension Cables

The Lian Li Strimer Plus 8-pin dual PCIe power extension cable features 108 lights and is 300MM in length. It has all the same lighting features as we just mentioned with the 24-pin cable. Since the dual 8-pin PCIe kit does not come with a remote, you’ll have to buy the 24-pin extension to get the remote. If you don’t want to use the controller you can connect the Strimer Plus to an 5V RGB addressable header and control it with ASUS ROG AURA software or something similar if that is supported on your systems motherboard.

Dimensions 273mm (L) x 87mm (D) x 43 mm (H) 364mm (L) x 85mm (D) x 34 mm (H)
Material Silicone/PVC Silicone/PVC
Cable 200mm 300mm
Gauge 18AWG 18AWG
Number of LEDs 120 108
 Accessories Controller Cable adapter for motherboard ARGB 3-pin header


Installation is simple other than the fact that you have to run and hide even more wiring in your case. If you are looking for RGB overload to deliver an in-your-face light show full of color the Strimer Plus will deliver! We’ve slowly been adding RGB lighting to one of our AMD Ryzen systems here on the LR test bench and the Corsair iCUE 465X RGB Black steel case ($149.99 shipped) has been very accommodating.

Lian Li Strimer PLUS RGB Extensions Installed

We already have a decent amount of RGB lighting in our case thanks to the AMD Wraith Prism CPU Cooler as well as the DDR4 memory kit, NVMe SSD and case fans all having RGB. Adding power supply extensions with RGB lighting might seem silly to some, but it actually looks pretty cool and not many people have it. You can watch a clip of it in action on our social media post below.

We never had the original Lian Li Strimer, but the brightness and out of the box customizations are solid. It takes just a few minutes to install and it does make for an eye-catching upgrade. And yes, it does have an option to turn off the RGB lights if you you want to tone things back a bit.

Lian Li Strimer Plus Cable

Two things that we need to point out to those folks that are considering spending over $100 for the Strimer Plus set. First, the cables are extremely thick and aren’t that flexible. You’ll have to spend some time on cable routing in your case to orientate it in a way that looks great. Secondly, the dual 8-pin connector only really works on video cards that hove some combination of dual 6- or 8-pin connectors. If you have a single PCIe power connector on your graphics card the other connector isn’t used and just hangs there.

The Lian Li Strimer Plus 24-pin ATX RGB PSU extension cable runs $59.99 shipped and the 8-pin PCIe RGB PSU extension cable for graphics cards runs $45.99 shipped. They are backed by a 1-year warranty and are for those that are looking to go the extra mile to customize their PC with RGB lighting!

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