LG’s HDR TVs Will Soon Be Rid of Their Gaming Lag

We tend to crave performance as gamers. One thing that aids in performance (in terms of hardware) would be anything that would help with our reaction time. With HDR (High Dynamic Range) TVs we see that we are given TVs that deliver crisp and vibrant colors. Unfortunately, along with this technology, we have TVs like LG’s HDR line that delivers the visual quality but suffers from input lag. This delay is a product of “the time needed for the TV to process the HDR signal,” according to MCVUK. These delays are not great but when considering a player’s reaction to an opponent’s move the input lag can be quite noticeable (ranging between 30-120ms).

LG's HDR v. SDR visual description

LG has a solution in the works for the input lag. This will be done through a current firmware patch and we can possibly expect LG’s 2017 HDR TVs to offer the option of a HDR gaming mode. This change stems from a demand from the gaming community. Such a community that plays on consoles (like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S) that support HDR video games now seeks signatures through a petition on change.org that request that LG deliver a quality gaming experience to the gaming community. Along with LG’s statement towards the gaming community they also apologized, “We regret any inconvenience this has caused our customers and confirm our commitment to resolving this issue as quickly as possible.”

As gamers we can understand the grievances of our fellow comrades as we equip ourselves with the best gear that will help us perform on the battlefield. One good thing to note is that these demands did not go unnoticed by LG so perhaps the lag won’t be around for long as soon as the new firmware rolls out. The latest graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA, support enhanced output for HDR screens and are ready for HDR gaming. We’ll close with this video by AMD back in 2015 on HDR gaming and how the Radeon Technologies Group is focused on delivering support for HDR in 2016.