The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Second Best Selling Title in Franchise

There were some interesting nuggets of information in the latest Nintendo earnings report. Among the data in that report was that Breath of the Wild was the second best-selling game in the franchise history. That’s no surprise considering it was one of the best games for the Switch and the Switch has been selling incredibly well.

Breath of the wild on the Switch sold 6.7 million units globally and while you might not realize it, the game is also offered on the Wii U. On the old and unpopular console, the game moved 1.08 million copies. This puts total sold at around 7.78 million copies reports RPGSite.

That would mean that the only game in the franchise that has outsold Breath of the Wild as Twilight Princess. That game sold 9 million copies in its lifetime. Breath will certainly outsell that game considering the entire Switch console hasn’t even been out a year.

Twilight Princess also had the distinction of being sold on both the Gamecube and the Wii. The infographic here is from Nintendo and shows overall sales for all versions of the game. It’s easy to forget just how many Zelda games have been produced until you see them all in one place.