Leaked Vivo Nex 3 Screen Cover Shows Over 100% Screen-to-Body Ratio

Prolific, and often accurate, leaker Ice Universe has a new leak that it has shared with the world. The leak is an image of what is alleged to be the screen cover for an unannounced device from Vivo. The leaked device is said to be the Vivo Nex 3.

The image is of the screen protector from the side, and it shows a screen that wraps around the side of the phone, much like the Samsung Galaxy S10. The big feature here is that the screen is said to have a screen-to-body ratio of over 100%.

That means that the screen wraps around the sides, and on the top and bottom, there is no bezel. The screen is also said to have no hole for a selfie cam to peak through and no annoying notch reports The Verge.

We don’t know any other details on the phone just yet. The assumption is that the front camera will pop up as some other smartphones on the market already do, but that is unclear.