Law Firm Considers Class Action Suit Over PlayStation 5 Controller Drift

In the United States, a law firm has announced they are considering filing a class-action lawsuit against Sony over alleged PlayStation 5 controller drift. This is the same law firm that filed a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo for drift in its Switch Joy-Con controllers.

The law firm is Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP, and it has constructed a questionnaire page asking PlayStation 5 owners to report instances of controller drift. For those who may be unaware, controller drift is where the console registers stick input even if the player isn’t touching the controller.

The law firm wrote, “CSK&D is investigating a potential class action based upon reports that Sony PS5 DualSense controllers for the PlayStation 5 console can experience drift issues and/or fail prematurely,” reads the page introduction. “Specifically, it is reported that the joystick on certain PS5 DualSense controllers will automatically register movement when the joystick is not being controlled and interfere with gameplay.”

Reports have surfaced claiming controller drift is a problem on the PlayStation 5. At this point, it’s not clear how widespread the problem is. Interestingly as reports of controller issues surface, a recent patent filing suggests that Sony may be looking to upgrade its controllers.