Kitchenaid’s Fancy Oven is App Connected

It seems like everything is getting app connected of late. AT CES 2019 KitchenAid showed off a smart oven dubbed the SmartOven+ that is available now for $3,199. That is a lot of money.

The oven connects to both Google Assistant and Alexa and allows users to use their voice to control the oven. Perhaps cooler that voice assistant capability is the 4.5-inch LCD on the oven and the app that allows for remote control.

That means if you forget to start the oven on your way to buy a pizza, you can start it via the app. The Nest thermostat app can connect with the oven and warn users if they left the oven on. Those wanting a double oven can get one for $4,799 reports Ubergizmo.

The price seems steep for an oven that can be turned on the few times you might forget to turn on the stove and remember on the way home from Papa Murphy’s. Is a voice-controlled oven taking things too far? It’s hard to imagine something as ubiquitous as voice control adding so much cost to the price of an oven.